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2022-01-14 Snapshot


  • Terrain normals are now calculated in the fragment shader instead of being baked into the terrain normal map cache.
  • Added “Terrain Sync Rate” setting.
  • Removed update rate restriction when painting in editor.

The terrain sync rate controls how quickly the system memory height map is synced with the graphics memory height map. “0” is 64k per frame, “1” is 128k, “2” is 256k etc. Probably best to keep it set low since it’ll still update plenty fast and you leave more bandwidth for other stuff that way, but even at 10 it shouldn’t max out a PCIe 3 bus.

Windows users:
Linux users:

Replace mx.exe or mxbin with one of the above files. The default location for mx.exe should be “C:\Program Files (x86)\MX Simulator”. Please note that the “.exe” extension is hidden in Windows so the file will just show as an application named “mx”. I’d keep a backup of the originals since these aren’t well tested.

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