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This mod fix one of the biggest trouble with the 3rd person camera on Mx Simulator.

Indeed, in a climb, the camera remains horizontal and prevents good visibility of the summit. This mod allows you to automatically tilt the camera according to the slope in order to finally see in front of you.

Fully customizable, you will be able to adjust the different parameters to best suit your way of playing.

In order to avoid the theft of software, this one has a protection by IP: one key = one IP. You will not be able to buy the software and use it on several IPs at the same time. However, in order to allow mobile players to enjoy this mod without having to buy a key for each internet connection, an IP reset is possible every 24h.

Camera mod is a third party software developed by MxWayGamer.

Prerequisite: 2022-05-19-1623 snapshot

⚠ Very first version of camera mod for Mx Simulator ⚠
There might be some bugs still present. If it is the case, thank you for bringing them up on the discord:

Explanation of the options:

  • Key : Key of the product received by mail or in the summary of your order on the site.
  • Speed Movement : Speed of tilt of the camera.
  • Buffer : Waiting time between the moment when the player’s bike is tilted and when the camera will start to move.
  • Tilt to start Climb : Minimum tilt to start camera movement when climbing.
  • Tilt to start descent: Minimum tilt to start the camera movement when descending.
  • Minimum Camera Height: Maximum tilt of the camera when climbing (the smaller the value, the more the camera will tilt).
  • Normal Camera Height : Tilt of the camera on the flat.
  • Maximum Camera Height: Maximum tilt of the camera when descending (the larger the value, the more the camera will tilt).

You can test the values of Camera Height directly in game by changing “Camera Height” in the “Graphics setup”.


V1.0.4 : (02/06/2022)

  • Fix an issue for user of Windows under US language
  • Remove the automatic update

V1.0.3 : (2022/05/30)

  • Improve the detection of Wheeling and Stoppie to don’t have “false-positive”.

V1.0.2 : (2022/05/20)

  • Compatibility with the snapshot 2022-05-19

V1.0.1 : (2022/05/20)

  • Disable camera movement for wheeling and stoppie

V1.0.0 : (2022/05/19)

  • Release of the script

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