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2021-01-18 snapshot


  • New Javascript functions: mx.find_statue(), mx.find_billboard(), mx.add_statue(), mx.add_billboard(), mx.gate_from_timing_position(), mx.get_player_slot(), mx.broadcast_script_message().
  • Fixed flaggers flagging for disconnected riders.
  • Fixed software mixer bug when playing longish samples.
  • If the script file is named “nofrills.js”, it now counts towards the track hash so client’s can’t use modified scripts.
  • Fixed erode bug/exploit.
  • Removed some redundant division for slightly faster erode.
  • Client version is now 42.

Windows users: … 8-1548.exe
Linux users:

Replace mx.exe or mxbin with one of the above files. The default location for mx.exe should be “C:\Program Files (x86)\MX Simulator”. I’d keep a backup of the originals since these aren’t well tested.

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